11 Oct 2021

Relaxing Digital Art Illustrations

Enter worlds of adventure and relaxation.

Croatian Multimedia Student Martina Stipan started off with digital art as a hobby.

Her work is very zen and peaceful; maybe with the exception of the haunted house. : ) I wrote the post and then looked at all of the pictures as I was finding a name for them. When I did, I found my self pausing on most of them, captured by the rush of ideas of that world.  It started flooding my mind thoughts.

Illustrations that definitely benefit from a closer look. A long pause is going to be needed, to enable you to visit any one of these worlds and spend some quality time in them.

Enjoy the fantasy journey into this post. It will lead to your Monday and what I hope is going to be an amazing start to the week.
Meteor shower (no need for umbrellas with this shower...)
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Return from a long voyage.
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Fishing for the catch of the day.
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Surreal worlds colliding.
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A lavender field at night.
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Stories amplified by the imagination.
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A nighttime walk in town.
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A Torii Japanese gate; mostly as a gate to a Shinto shrine.
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Haunted house.
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A quiet place to dream of the future.
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  1. Anonymous6/12/2022

    Hi Would really love to use an image from this collection on my blog but would like to get the permission of whom designed it. It is the one with the whales and the car on the cliff? Any information would be appreciated.

    1. We are a blog site. The digital art featured on this page belongs to artist Martina Stipan (and so do all related rights).
      To contact her, press her name (Martina Stipan) at the top of the page, in the written portion.
      It will take you to her Instagram page, where you can contact her directly.
      I hope this helps. Don't hesitate to contact us should you need any more help.

      I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 🍃️🌺️🍃️ DS


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