14 Nov 2021

Architectural Drawings with People

Viewing the city of York in England, through the eyes of the artist.

This is what Artist Allan T Adams says on his social media page: "I draw in order to better understand what I see. Architectural Illustrator, sketcher. I like pencils. And pens, Eeyore. Oh, and Lego."

Because of that and the dominance of York drawings I am assuming that York is where he lives?

A lovey guided tour around this historic city, with many medieval buildings. As I mentioned in the title, Adams's work differs from most of the architectural drawings we showcase on DesignStack. The other drawings differ in the noticeable absence of people.

Seeing life being lived in art, adds to the vibrancy of the piece. It puts it in a different context. Day by day the building/s form part of the ever changing composition and transformation of the city.

If you are stuck at home or work, here is a great way of escaping using Adams's drawings. Enjoy your trip.
Shambles in York.
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St Helen's church, York.
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Walmgate Bar, York.
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Goodramgate, York. A cluster of medieval buildings.
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Minster Gates, York.
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Ightham Mote Kent.
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15 Newgate, York.
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North Street Postern, York.
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The Two Towers York Minster.
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York Minster from the bar walls.
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Walmgate Bar, York.
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  1. I like seeing people in drawings like this, it gives them life. w the people in the drawings, even if they're dress is contemporary, one can envision life there in days gone by.

    1. Absolutely, and it makes the stand out from most that leave them out.

      I hope you hare having a great Sunday.🌿️🌺️🌿️


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