12 Nov 2021

Stippling Portraits in Black Ink

Little ink dots that transform into features and complex portraits.

Artist and illustrator Manuela Tertrin uses a drawing technique called stippling or pointillism, to bring to life the likenesses of the celebrities on this page.

Most are film stars and artists, that found the peak of their fame years ago. I am sure that even if you don't recognise the face, you have probably heard of their name.

To illustrate this technique in a little more detail, I have added a WIP to the Steve McQueen finished portrait. There you can see how the dots are placed and the areas are saturated to create contrast.

Nostalgia and a look back in time for some, for the rest beautiful art to enjoy. Not a bad deal right?
Steve McQueen WIP.
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Steve McQueen.
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Marilyn Monroe and the cat.
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Shirley Temple.
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Audrey Hepburn.
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Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.
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Jean Shrimpton.
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Lucie Aubrac.
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Sylvia Sidney.
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Frida Kahlo.
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