27 Nov 2021

Strange and Surreal Ink Drawings


Drawings full of symbolism. What meaning are you going to attribute to them?

The following is the short description Artist Amrita Sarkar gives to the work on her social media page: "Pen & ink. Pencil & coal." "Self-taught. Still learning!" "Original and inspired artworks."

As I have mentioned in some of the previous posts, October is a very busy for artists, as many join in, in the Inktober challenge. That means, there is a plethora of different drawings from artists around the world, all having the same title.

Even thought the titles are the same, the works are not. It's a pleasure to showcase artists' work normally, but it's especially so, during this month. 

I have given them different titles, as they encapsulate so much more for me than the theme for the challenge.

I hope the illustrations below speak to you, with the intensity they speak to me. Have fun discovering it.

Tea shaken not stirred.
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Written worlds come to life.
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Kickback and relax.
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Eye pocket watch.
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Salvador Dali clock.
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Conflict and confrontations.
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Looking on a world I don't understand.
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Starry night town and crystals.
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Connections between people.
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