11 Dec 2021

Ink Drawings Full of Symbolism

Not a surprise that they are full of symbolism, as many of them form part of the Inktober challenge.

Gizem Ulukut describes herself as:"Self-taught - Beginner artist from Turkey".

Amazing drawings for a beginner, which hold a lot of promise for this artist. I am referring to both: The concepts and the execution.

I like all of the illustrations in this post, but the one that stands out for me is the transformation of sound into visual objects. The drawing I have named "Music playing visually". This can happen in real life. The condition is called Synesthesia. The condensed definition is that you experience music with other senses as well. So, you hear the music with your ears and it triggers at the same time a kaleidoscope of colors that you experience visually. Different sounds correspond to different colors. I have seen some explanations with visual representations to give a feel of what they see. I am guessing that nothing can approximate the real thing. It must be sensational...   
Penguin - taking a well deserved vacation.
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Ice skating penguin.
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House in a boot.
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The spirit of the ocean.
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The artistic octopus.
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Ice cream sea voyage.
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Music playing visually.
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The music box and the lantern.
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The race - Safety first...
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Stories spilling out of the book.
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