30 Dec 2021

Small Architecture and Celebrity Owner

Architecture and their famous celebrity owners. Explained in more detail below.

This is the work of Romanian Artist, Researcher and Illustrator, Ioana Pioaru.  She puts together the two categories mentioned above, in a way I have never seen before.

Amazing building design and accurate portrait show the link between these famous people and their homes.  There are no actors singers or TV entertainers in this list that spans back more than a few decades.

Some of the buildings don't come with their respective owners and still no less interesting.

A fascinating concept that Pioaru executes perfectly.  Have a look through this post and the links with history they come with.
Jane Austen and her home in Chawton, Hampshire.
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Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë, and their family home, the Haworth parsonage, in West Yorkshire.
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William Shakespeare's 16th century house on Henley Street, in Stratford-upon-Avon.
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Charles Dickens and Gad’s Hill Place, his country home in Kent.
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Mr. F. M. Dostoevsky. Pictured here with his country house in Staraya Russav.
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Bateman’s, a Jacobean house in East Sussex, owned by Rudyard Kipling between 1902 and 1936.
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J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, lived in this house in South Kensington between 1895 and 1902.
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Nash’s House in Stratford-upon-Avon.
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The Armour-Stiner Octagon House in Irvington, NY, a most charming example of Victorian-style architecture, built in 1860.
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Satis House, the decaying home of Miss Havisham in ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens, was based on Restoration House in Rochester, Kent.
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