8 Feb 2022

Charcoal Portrait Drawings 1 Celebrity


Fantastic portraits full of details for the artist to capture and 1 celebrity.

Oliver Sin fills his social media page with charcoal drawings of models and references. They have very expressive faces, even when they are not expressing any particular emotion.

Many of us tend to make choices in a very binary way. Yes/No On/Off. If you have a look at these drawings, you don't automatically say that the people in them are happy. Therefore if they are not happy they must be sad or angry? There are other options. I have tried to reflect that thought, in the titles I have given them.

Leave your mind open to possibilities other that the first thought you come up with. Allow your opinion to be changed if the evidence points you in the opposite direction. 

For more of Sin's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

A game of chess and waiting on your opponent's move.
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At the park and a riveting game of boccie.
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Anthony Hopkins.
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Completely absorbed by the story I am telling.
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Racing cars with a friend. Waiting for the signal...
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Taking one last look at the painting he has created. "It's done!".
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Carefully considering the answer of the crossword puzzle.
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A long day and the eyelids are getting heavier and heavier...
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Am I topping that with sprinkles or chocolate sauce? I will have both.
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A proud look at the grandchild's achievement.
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