17 Feb 2022

Different aspects in Architecture Drawings

Some real architectural gems in ink and pencil drawings. For more explore the page.

Italian Artist Alice Bambini has a way of looking at architecture that is very refreshing. Granted, some are typical views, but there are also many that have added interest.

What they have in common, is the beautiful art and the impressive buildings.

For diversity: I like the first two (the representation of introvert using architecture, very cool). For a classic drawing: My favourite is the "Palazzo delle Poste Piazza Matteotti, Napoli". Which is a post office in Naples Italy. Amazing building and drawing. I will let you get to them now, see what you think...

Ps. I gave some of the images titles.
Architectural representation of Introvert.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
See through building.
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Colosseum Plan and elevation.
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Palazzo delle Poste Piazza Matteotti, Napoli (Post office).
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Santa Maria in Traspontina.
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St. Peter's Basilica Rome.
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Sketch of the square.
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