14 Feb 2022

In Animal Character Drawings

Animal sweetness expressed in several ink drawings.

Siberian Artist Maria Nechaeva describes herself and her work in the following way: "I am an illustrator who is inspired by wildlife, architecture and travelling. Mixing cuteness with humour quite a lot."

Her ink animal character drawings, tell little stories without any need of words: spoken or written. That is if you take my titles away.

Predominately fantasy with a sprinkle of surrealism here and there, to give your Monday a more palatable flavour.

Have fun with this post and Nechaeva's work.
Innocent angelic look.
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One sided game.
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A little help from my dragon friend.
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The ghost artist.
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Finding the right incentives.
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Target practise and fast eating.
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Flowers to brighten up the home.
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A surreal day rowing on the lake.
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The meditating turtle.
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Warm bath and music.
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