1 Feb 2022

Symbolism in Ink Illustrations

Ink illustrations that speak though the symbolism in the images.

The following is how American Artist Olivia M. started her daily marathon drawing commitment: "When my cousin in Switzerland was diagnosed with depression, I began drawing every day and posting it to Instagram to give him a bit of inspiration and hope as he began each new day."

She is now in her third year and is still producing an illustration a day. It's more than just the production of the drawing.

There has to be a thought behind it and a clever way of translating through her fineliner, to an image on paper. Plus coming up with new concept it's easy at first. The more you do it, the more difficult it becomes to keep it fresh and different from everything you have done before.

So, a big well done to Olivia M. Now all that is left, is to enjoy her work...

For more of Olivia M's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
If we keep looking cute they’ll surely blame the dog.
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Nature photography.
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Celebration Dragon.
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Loose wires can give the feeling of freedom.
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Jump in feet first, then you can see the exit.
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People can’t drive you crazy, if you don’t give them the keys.
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"How can I go forward when I don’t know which way I’m facing?” -John Lennon.
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It’s so strange that autumn is so beautiful, yet everything is dying.
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Waves flying on the wings of a crane.
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Take time to smell the flowers.
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How to find art in everything.
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