24 Mar 2022

Black and White Architectural Drawings

Architectural drawings created through a process called etching.

French Artist Gerard Trignac started off with an education in architecture. This influence can be clearly seen through his choice of scenery.

Now a brief description of the etching process.
The idea for the piece usually starts with a simple sketch that is then developed into a more complex and detailed drawing. This is then transferred onto (usually) metal plates using strong acids to cut in to the unprotected parts of the metal. Same principle masking a sheet of paper, before spray painting. At this point the image can be printed.

Quiet and desolate black and white nighttime scenes devoid of people. They nevertheless carry a certain calm and peace, which mellows you out more and more, with every subsequent image.

Ps. I haven't been able to find the names to all of Trignac's work.
La Cité aux mille tours - The City of a thousand towers.
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L'Embarquement pour Cythere - Embarkation for Cythera.
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No name.
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No name.
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No name.
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La Raffinerie - The Refinery.
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Le Cite des Marais - The City of the Marshes.
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Le Defile des fous - The Parade of Fools.
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Les Archives - The Archives.
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Station Broubourg.
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  1. oh! these are fantastic!!!
    my favorites are the refinery and the second one.
    wonderful shading and depth on all of them.

    1. The refinery reminds me of that early days Windows screensaver with all of the pipes.
      First one and second one are my favourites, with all the rest in second place.
      Have a great Thursday. 🍃️🌺️🍃️ DS


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