29 Mar 2022

Storybook Drawings and Paintings

Hat tips to well-known stories and much more.

Artist and illustrator Leoni Pfeiffer reminds us of some of the classics of children's literature (also enjoyed by many adults). The story is known, but the art is her interpretation of it, which includes the main characters and features of the tale.

The illustrations take the form of drawing, paintings and sometimes a mixed media coming together of the two.

As well as the story art I have added Pfeiffer's own artwork, that looks and feels just as inspiring. A Chance to build new fantasies and memories...
Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi.
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The jungle book - Rudyard Kipling.
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Mary Poppins - P. L. Travers.
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The Little Mermaid - Hans Christian Andersen.
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Hansel and Gretel - Brothers Grimm.
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Curious bird and cat friends.
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Barn owls.
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Tiger book illustration.
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Surrounding your yourself with words.
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Open your mind and join the land of dreams.
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