28 Apr 2022

Paintings of Architecture Immersed in Nature

Watercolor paintings of architecture, immersed in nature.

Ukrainian illustrator Tonia Tkach brings plants and flowers to her tiny towns. The houses are reduced in size, to highlight the height of the flora surrounding them.

No sight of the people/creatures that inhabit this small world, but one that invites us to speculate and imagine.

Plenty or color in the architectural depictions and the colors of the flowers. Being surrounded and having the chance to be part of the lovely natural smell of the flowers, must be a very pleasant experience to wake up to every morning.

I leave you to your daydreams and thoughts of life in these little towns by others or yourself...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Combination of flowers and houses.
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House on a stump with mushrooms.
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Lavender color architecture.
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Sunflower town.
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Pumpkin houses.
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The bean house.
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Lemon tree city.
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Rose tiny houses.
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Tulips and windmill.
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Dried flower house.
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11-Teapot-and-flowerpot -Tonia-Tkach-www-designstack-co
Teapot and flowerpot.
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  1. Anonymous4/28/2022

    these are wonderful! so full of life! i'm not sure I have words for them. would love to own one or two of these!

    1. Anonymous4/28/2022

      Sometimes no words do all of the speaking that needs to be done. 🍃️🌺️🍃️DS

      I hope you have a fantastic Friday.

      Something is not quite working with the response here and i had write this as Anonymous.


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