3 Apr 2022

Urban Landscape Drawings with Photo

Urban Landscapes accompanied by the photo of the site they were inspired by.

Fernando Santiago is an illustrator based in Valencia, Spain.

He draws what he is inspired by and for the most, it's architectural drawings.

His art is drawn in situ (in place), with the majority consisting entirely of black ink. There are some exceptions where Santiago uses watercolor paints, to add some color.

Memories of places visited.  The buildings and the architecture of the country logged as bookmarks for his mind .

This kind of art had diminished during the heights of the pandemic. Now there seems to be a slow, but steady return to travelling, visiting and depicting places of interest like these.

In the hope that the trend continues and that it all becomes a distant memory. Have a fantastic Sunday.
Cathedrale de Saint Pierre, Geneva.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Comillas, Cantabria, Spain.
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La Marina De Valencia.
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Palacete de Ayora.
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Piazza Dante.
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Ayuntamiento de Thoiry.
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Plaza del Patriarca.
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San Isidro Valencia.
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Sistah home.
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Ponte Lafayette, Lyon.
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