1 May 2022

Fineliner Ink Abstract Drawings

Abstract drawings depicted with an ink fineliner.

Puerto Rican Visual Artist Angel Draws possesses amazing linework skills and an eye from proportions and shapes.

With the exception of the bird, all of the other drawings are abstract (Press the link for more examples.) flowing from the hand and then through the pen of a great artist.

Many people admire art they can identify. Images they recognise or remind them of something familiar and I do too. When it comes to art like this, a new set of rules of appreciation take over. My eye looks at the whole image first: Proportions and shapes, are the first things considered. Then comes a more in-depth examination, which notices the linework and saturation of the colors. Finally, my eyes play around with the lines, picking a starting point and following it around.

It's the combination of all of the aspects above, which makes me like and appreciate drawings like these. Even if, they don't look or resemble anything. They are enjoyable as a pure expression of art and form.

Enjoy the drawings and your Sunday.

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  1. Anonymous5/01/2022

    These are lovely, you can turn them into anything you like (like what was done w the bird)(beautiful) !

    1. Absolutely. With imagination, you can expand any definition or style, to represent whatever you are feeling.

      So glad you like these drawings. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 🍃️🌺️🍃️ DS


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