4 May 2022

Ink and Markers Architectural Drawings

Drawings that stand as a record of this artist's travels.

Architect, sketcher, illustrator Ekaterina Plastinina (Екатерина Пластинина) is once again here on DesignStack.

Beautiful architecture at different times of the day and variations of building design: From tourists sights, to more intimate parts of urban life.

I know Venice appears a lot on our site. I am guessing that artists visiting this amazing city, just can't resist taking away a piece of it in the form of their own art.

Have a great time sightseeing.

For more of Plastinina's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Venice canals.
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Red building and architectural features.
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Venice iron gates entangled with plants.
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Autumn evening in St. Petersburg.
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Istanbul Beyoglu.
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Venice. Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.
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The centre of Samara.
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Samara classics courtyard.
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Architectural Autumn.
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Old Samara.
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Snow-covered Moscow.
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