1 Jun 2022

Architecture Interior Exterior and Landscape Drawings

Most of the different aspects which go into architectural drawings, are incorporated here in this post.

Reza Asgaripour is the Architectural Designer and Artist, behind the images on this page.

There are two components to the art you are about to see: 1. The beauty, precision and design work. 2. Places where I can actually picture my self relaxing in.

I will leave the first group to one side and move on to the second. The first on this list is the designer landscape. Third image down. I can imagine sitting out there on a comfortable chair with a cool or warm drink, (depending on the weather).  I am enjoying the views of the garden and the ones beyond. I would move onto one or two more, but that would mean leaving this fantasy to think of another one. I am not ready to peel my self away from the one I am in...

I will leave you to wonder off alone. If you need me, you will find me in image number three...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Inspired by A-Frame house.
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Master bedroom with living area.
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Designer landscape on different levels.
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Section through a large house.
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Guest bedroom with a living area.
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A shaded area on the balcony.
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Large dining hall.
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House with an arch structure.
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Open plan house.
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Raised house.
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