24 Jul 2022

Celebrities Multiple Exposure Portraits

Charcoal and graphite portraits of celebrities, with a twist.

Erik Daniel Garcia is a portrait artist based in LA. He draws conventional art as well. That said, these are the ones that impress me the most.

It's not only about creating a realistic portrait of a person.  You then have to add one or more images of them in close proximity or overlapping. Composition is an incredibly important part of this process. The finished assembled image has to be balanced.  If not, you won't quite be able to put your finger on it, but it will feel like something is wrong.  

If you look at the illustrations below in their entirety, you can see that Garcia hasn't used the same formula for all of them rather, he matches the composition to the images he has at hand.

They are worth spending time on, to pickup some really nice touches like: the heart shaved in Drake's hair and how it completes on different heads. A lot of work has gone in beyond a realistic representation of a person. Impressive art from a very accomplished artist, to give the last day of the week a strong finish.

Enjoy the work and your Sunday.
Dennis Rodman.
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Kanye West.
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Michael Jordan.
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Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.
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Michael Myers from Halloween.
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Aubrey Drake Graham.
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Mac Miller.
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Tupac Shakur.
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Tyler, the Creator.
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Bad Bunny.
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