12 Jul 2022

Realistic Architecture in Small Drawings

Urban building in England, Scotland, Turkey and Portugal, all represented in this post.

Artist Chris Henton specialises in architectural drawings. He manages to pack in a lot of detail in every square inch. When you see how small they are, it makes the feat even more impressive. Have a look on his Instagram page for videos or objects on the page, which give you an idea of scale.

In this post, we jump from city to city and building style to building style. Don't worry, no need for protective gear and/or insurance. The movement will be as smooth as the visit to the various images will be pleasant.

Enjoy the post and your day.

For more of Henton's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
East India Arms.
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Pride of Paddington.
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Holy Shot - Coffee shop.
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London Victorian house.
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Highbury. Home to Arsenal Stadium.
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Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh.
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Celsus Library, Turkey.
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Lisbon statues - The Column of Pedro IV & the Equestrian Statue of King Joseph I.
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The Brockenhurst Gatehouse.
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