23 Aug 2022

Interior and Exterior Architectural Drawings

Different European sites containing amazing exterior and interior architecture.

Agata Kobus offers a variety of ways of illustrating and viewing buildings.  From sketches to more structured and detailed ones and everything in between.

Moving down the page, feels like transitioning through different rooms. Every time we leave one illustration, we open the door to another amazing view.

The cool thing about these doors is we never know if the next one is going to bring us, indoor or out door?  You just have to go through them to see what's next.
Warsaw, Poland.
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New hotel project in Cracow.
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A Frame house.
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Warsaw, Poland 2.
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Warszawa Powiśle.
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Basel, Switzerland.
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Warszawa Powiśle - Plenerek.
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Warsaw, Poland 3D Staircase.
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Clear Rock Ranch - Lemmo Architecture.
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Interior design of jazz bar.
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