9 Sept 2022

Ink Drawings with Fantasy and Symbolism

Ink drawings that show themselves in the reality you construct for them.

This is the perfectly executed art of Guillermo Maza.

Symbology and chameleon illustrations that can assume many different meanings, depending on your perspective of life.

There are two batches of drawings I like the most. The first two, as they embody this multitude of meanings behind them. Then there are the last two. Where the first sets up the second. You'll see when you get to the bottom of the page.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Sometimes we only see what we want to in people (that is for good or bad).
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When you don't fit the mould.
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The fight to get to the finish line.
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The ink black panther.
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Questionable habits of carnivorous plants.
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Climbing to the summit.
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Nature taking a deserved nap.
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Happy little doggo.
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Friends not seeing eye to eye.
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Wishing to be a star in the night sky.
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Wish granted!.
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