25 Sept 2022

Mixed Media Ravens and more Animals

Stories and chance encounters visited by this talented artist.

Artist and Illustrator Mary Jean Ruhnke uses a mixed media approach to her art. The following are a few of the mediums I have jotted down: graphite, color pencils, acrylic painting, gold leaf etc.

An amazing way of combining the best qualities of each one to end up with a result, which is superior than the sum of its parts.

The main stars are the birds. Specifically the ravens, even though there are other animals as well. I picked up on a note on one of the artist's works. It said that although the birds are more prominent in her work, the red fox was the one she identified more, at that moment in time.

Fantasy drawings that can help your thoughts take fight. Sometimes quite literally. Allow the ravens' wings to transport you to any land you like. One that gives you peace and comfort. Then bring it back to your Sunday and make a fantastic day of it.
A Great Encounter.
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Near The Stars.
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Always Near.
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Dynamic Duo.
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Light Out Of Darkness.
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Enchanted Encounter.
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In front of her.
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Forest Royalty.
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Dark Angels.
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