16 Sept 2022

Semi Realistic Pencil Portrait Drawing

A collection of pencil portrait art.

Joshua describes himself as a YouTuber Artist. Where the process of creating a portrait, is captured in his YouTube account.

This style of drawing is called semi realistic. It pushes for the portrait to replicate the original face plus the addition of subtle augmentations. A marriage between a realistic drawing and a character from an animated movie.

Plenty of emotions and expressions to scroll through. For artists out there, a great opportunity to practise on individual portraits and drawing studies which include multiple ones.

My favourite are the first and second one. I see them as opposites. The first: A calm expression that puts you at ease. The second: Full of the wrong kind of energy. Rather than being settling, drives you on the edge of your seat. Preparing you for anything that might come next...

A lot to admire and experience in this post. With the later, I am not talking solely about your eyes.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
A soft and positive vibe.
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Menacing look reinforced by the eyebrows.
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A confident expression.
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Posing with food.
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Portrait Drawing study 1.
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Portrait Drawing study 2.
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Portrait Drawing study 3.
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A direct look and expression.
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A look for answers.
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Incredulity and I can feel a smile coming on...
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