30 Oct 2022

Reality and Fantasy in Ink Drawings

Ink drawings with a lot to say for themselves.

Noah (LiveForLines) has this to say about his work: "Creating art makes me happy." What a wonderful thing to be able to say about your occupation. A job has to pay-off in so many different and concrete ways to pay the bills. Some times happiness in what you do, is relegated to a possible extra, a luxury...

The drawings on this page speak a lot. The two most obvious ones are the first and the last. Both come with their own titles and are meant to give perspective using art. These two aside, the one I really like is the waves in the shape of infinity with the phases of the moon. A concise message embedded in a drawing. A concept beautifully thought through and magnificently executed.

The best points are the ones made with simple and clear messages. Symbolism in art does that through imagery rather than words. Sometimes, art underlines it with words like in the two examples above.

Have an inspired Sunday.

Ps. I gave SOME of the images a titles.

For more of LiveForLines's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Don't let one bad chapter ruin your story.
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Nature's eagle.
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Tree house.
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Books make stories come alive.
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All the thoughts orbiting our brain.
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Infinity in moon phases and tide.
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A surreal pleasant landscape.
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Stylish design of aspects of nature.
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Blossoming life.
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