12 Oct 2022

Stylised Designer Animal Drawings

Animals given a stylised makeover.

Indian Artist Ankit Kumar gives the creatures he drawn a less than realistic look.

It doesn't sound like much of a compliment, till you start looking at how the subtle transformation brings out such a gorgeous effect.

Starting with the style. Hair, scales and even feathers disappear in favour of lines and patterns. They take their place and help delineate the features of the being in question.

The other thing I find very nice to look at, are the construction lines. They really add to the main body of the drawing, allowing your eyes to follow the lines and the curvatures further along.

Magnificent animals. Some alive today, some extinct and a fantasy dragon. All lined up and ready to meet you. Approach with care and no sudden movements. Scroll slowly...
Whale coming up for air.
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Dragon in flight.
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Great white shark.
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Cat portrait.
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Beetle in flight.
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Owl landing.
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Hammerhead shark.
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Rearing horse.
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Little bird.
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Velociraptor dinosaur.
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