13 Nov 2022

2022 Inktober Drawings

Illustrations drawn for Inktober, which fit all year around.

Belarusian Architect and Artist Elena Niss (Елена Нисс) showcases some of her works for Inktober 2022.

For those that have not come across it before, it's a month long celebration of art. Every day a word is added and all of the artists in the world have a chance to create a drawing describing it. It is so popular that it now goes on all year around. That said, October is still the most important month and the one that brings out the most art and artists.

Many of the drawings created during this moth, are usually sketches. Most of the work goes into translating the word associated with that day to an image. Usually the illustration is not very complex and does not include many different details.

Niss shows that she doesn't only want to draw something that symbolise the word, but add a story and context to it. Plus... I noticed that all of her works include a little black cat. I am assuming it's a homage to her little feline friend?

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
A new adventure, moving home.
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Lovely car trip.
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03-Surreal Cheshire Cat-2022-Inktober-Drawings-Elena-Niss-www-designstack-co
Surreal Chess match with the Cheshire Cat.
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Ace four of a kind.
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A love for seafood.
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A bit of a temper.
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A corner of your favourite things.
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Making your home a nest.
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Keepsakes to remember.
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The gargoyle protector of the home.
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A serene and kind disposition.
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