4 Nov 2022

Fantasy Graphite Worlds and Machines

Fantastic machines/homes and worlds drawn using graphite.

New York based graphite artist Chris Becker has a very fervid imagination and the skills to bring images to life.

Looking at the illustrations on this page, I was wondering if these are all parts of the same world or if they reoresent life on separate planets.

I was also imagining what kind of being would be living in these structures. Architecture that goes from Gothic and steampunk, all the way to fantasy design.  See the dragon city as an example.

Which structure from the wonderful ones below, would you choose for your home?
Grand Gothic Capital in the sky.
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Castle in the clouds.
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Dragon city.
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Castle oak.
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Dream vessel.
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Gothic aviator.
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High Gothic.
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Kingdom among giants.
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The flying watchtower.
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