3 Dec 2022

Mammal Amphibian and Insect Drawings

Beautiful creatures encompassing all sort of animals: Mammal, Amphibian and Insect drawings.

German artist Anastasia Mattern describes the following, as inspiration for her art: "Animal and botanical illustration in ink and coloured pencils".

Some of the drawings have two versions of the animal: One in color and the other in black and white. They some times sit separate on the page, whilst other times they interact like in the case of the eagles.

A few illustrations of insects as well. If you have a fear of them, you might want to stop at drawing five and scroll straight down to pick up the last two. The eagles and the bighorn sheep.

Enjoy the wildlife in this post and the start of your weekend. I will leave to Mattern's lovely art.
Wolf and cub.
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Otter and the fish.
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The Falcon's eye.
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The Frogs.
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Two ducks.
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Two Butterflies.
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A selection of insects.
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Scorpions moving on and out of the drawing.
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Four Spiders.
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Sparring eagles.
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Bighorn sheep.
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