28 Dec 2022

Video Game Characters Inventory Drawings

Video game characters, with all of their inventory expressed in drawings.

Linda Bouderbala is an Art Director in an Advertising Agency plus, Illustrator and Character Designer.

Bouderbala starts by explaining there is one thing that most RPG games have in common: "I was playing Pokemon Sword lately, and while I have over a thousand items in my backpack, everything seems normal, I can run and go anywhere. But, in real life, it would be extraordinarily different, especially with a bike and a cooking pot on my back."

She came up with an amazing idea, it's to show some of the items in her drawing/paintings. A list of very famous games many of which have been made into movies and streaming series': The Witcher, Minecraft, Fortnite, Pokemon, Skyrim etc.

Very inspired idea. Something we all take, or have taken for granted when playing games. The surreal thing is, it's Bouderbala's version, which looks out of place, strange...???

Love the concept and the execution of the art. A great find for your Wednesday allotted portion of art through DesignStack.
The Witcher.
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Tomb Raider.
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Resident Evil.
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Animal Crossing.
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