16 Jan 2023

Pencil and Ink Architectural Drawings

Fantasy and architecture, go hand in hand in this post.

Australian Artist Alexander Perrin creates building and scenes in both traditional and digital art format.

The drawings on this page, have been taken from five different projects.  Ink and pencil are the mediums that were used.  The one called "Short Trip", was actually adapted into an animation, as did "Noirmittens".

The beautiful Hotel Adriano, was inspired by one of Studio Ghibli’s Animated movies, Porco Rosso.
Other buildings and contraptions like the Airship, all form part of Perrin's detailed work.

Now to the best part, the viewing and appreciation of the art.

Have a fantastic Start to the week and a chance to daydream (In your spare time...)
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Hotel Adriano from Studio Ghibli’s Porco Rosso.
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Short Trip 1.
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Short Trip 2.
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Short Trip 3.
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Short Trip 4.
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Noirmittens 2.
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Noirmittens 1.
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