10 Mar 2023

Bright Drawings in a Coloring Book

Drawings this artist created for coloring books.

Nikolett Delafraye explains on her site, how she has been around art from a very young age. She developed an appreciation and built up skills though continuous practise.

It was when her children requested drawings for them to color in, that she found the spark of inspiration to produce coloring books. She is currently illustrating a series of instructional fables for children.

A great form of art which introduces children to art and adults to come up with sophisticated and detailed coloring. See the examples below to appreciate exactly what I mean. Adults are now taking to it in greater numbers. Some of them using it as a therapeutic exercise.

Enjoy the cosy feel this artist's work is going to infuse in you...
Curious Attic.
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Treasures of the sea.
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Ladybird fairy.
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Four season graffiti.
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A snail's house.
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Fairy Fantasy dreams.
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Ervin's tree farm.
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A summer break.
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Little support.
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