28 Mar 2023

Micrography or Calligram Word Drawings

The saying: "Painting a picture with words." Here the artist does it with a drawing.

Airiest Jayce Hall uses words to construct his drawings. Micrography or Calligram. They are two words used to describe drawing using calligraphy. In Hall's case he will use the name of the person he is depicting or, a phrase associate with them.

The Names or the phrases are then repeated again and again till the illustration is completed.

Contrast is achieved as follows: In the darker areas, the writing is closer and there is a lot of overlap. In the lighter areas, the writing is more sparse and he uses a lighter fineliner to write with.  The titles below indicate the words used for the portrait.

Drawings which take extra planning, variation of pressure and intensity, to give the ink more or less prominence.

I wasn't able to find closeups to show you more clearly. The best examples to see a little more of the process, are: Batman and The Joker.

A great technique and style, to bring the likeness out of portraits.
Kevin Durant.
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Willie Nelson.
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Lebron James.
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Lauryn Hill.
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The Dark Knight.
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Why So Serious.
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Billie Eilish.
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Nipsey Hussle.
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Elton John.
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Frankenstein’s Monster.
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