22 Mar 2023

Peaceful Neighborhoods Digital Art

Inspirations from real places, brought to life by digital art.

American Illustrator Nicholas Moegly explains how in 2020, when everything was shutdown and there was nothing to do, his pass time acted as seeds that would germinate into this project.

With nowhere to go and not much to do, he would take nightly strolls and drives around his neighborhood and town. Lights were on, but nobody was around. Everything was very quiet and still. A little eerie at times...

You can see how adding a few animals in the scenes below, convert something as unprecedented to us as a lock down, into worlds we are used to watching in movie displaying dystopian futures.

Unlike the dystopian imagery I was illustrating above, these images and their soft colouring, carry a distinct and tranquil feeling about them. A safe environment that animals feel comfortable exploring.

I will now leave you with Moegly's fantasy realistic art and any daydreaming they might evoke...
710 Ashbury.
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A Buried Endeavor.
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A Hidden Stillness.
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Dave Matthews Band.
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A Bygone Age.
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A Momentary Silence.
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An Inevitable Fate.
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An Ocean Between.
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A Shiny Object.
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A Sudden Rustle.
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