30 Mar 2023

Pencil and Ink Drawings and Paintings

Portraits created using pencil and ink.

French Artist Amandine Comte's art has a very natural feel about it. Her mixed media work is not meant to aspire to realism, but definitely gives off a distinctly realistic vibe. I think it's a combination of the expressions and the proportions of the facial features.

Drawings and paintings team up in Comte's work to bring out the best out of each other. Many emotions take place throughout this page, to add that extra quality to the finished portrait.

My favourites are the ballet pose and the Alice in Wonderland illustration. How about you, see something which stops you in your tracks and prevents you to scroll away from it?

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Deep in thought.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Letting your mind wonder.
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The Ballet.
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Swan Lake.
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An Angel.
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A puzzled look waiting for an answer.
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Stronger together.
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Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbit.
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A look of concern.
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A long awaited reunion.
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