8 May 2023

Architectural Impressions Drawings

Ink architectural drawings taken from many different perspectives.

Mariia Ovsianikova is a PhD student. These are a mixture of drawing studies and impressions of architecture in France and Italy.

Architecture details and internal view of buildings, also make an appearance in the illustrations on this page.

Famous locations, are contrasted by many views of lesser know places.

Black ink fineliners are accompanied by blue ballpoint pens and marker pens, to fill the darker areas of the drawings.

Ovsianikova's work is the perfect artist to showcase many different styles of architecture and a multitude of varied ways of taking an impression of them.

Now your chance to visit cities and beautiful buildings.
A glass building.
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Impression. Montmartre Paris.
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Architecture studies.
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Inside my PhD thesis notebook.
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Bibliothèque de l'Institut national d'histoire de l'art Paris.
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Paris street view.
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Pinacoteca di Brera Milan.
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Place Saint-Sulpice.
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San Giorgio Maggiore Venice.
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San Marco Venice.
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Santa Maria di Loreto Rome.
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