22 May 2023

Intricate Fantasy Architecture Ink Drawings

Ink architectural drawings, which span many different fantasy and surreal aspects.

A few of the words from Australian Artist Tim Stokes whom created the illustrations on this page. "As a child, I discovered my love for drawing, and over the years, I have honed my skills to create art that is inspired by science fiction, fantasy, architecture, and landscapes."

So many different perspectives are expressed and studied in Stokes's works. Individual buildings and cityscapes, which go through a stretching of the imagination of a very capable an imaginative artist.

So much to explore and travel to be done by your eyes. Watch where you go, as one of the illustrations includes a labyrinth.

Enjoy this urban excursion and your Monday.

For more of Stokes's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
A cross between ancient Roman and renaissance architecture.
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Lost in the Maze Towards Tomorrow.
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A European Perspective.
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Fantasy tiny house.
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Exodus A circular cityscape.
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Labyrinth Metropolis.
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Egyptian cityscape.
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A city on Different levels.
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Babel and Beyond.
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Pagodas on hills.
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Different Architectural European Styles.
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