1 Jun 2023

Sketchbook Drawings and Surrealism

Black and white illustrations playing around and within the theme of surrealism.

Italian Web-radio Speaker and Artist Marisa Liuzzi produced the art on this page.

This post has much in common with yesterday's one. Each illustration full of symbology and meaning. One, which can be reached with a bit of imagination.

I have given drawings titles and they are probably nothing to do with the reason Liuzzi drew them. That said, the illustrations I like the most are: The fourth drawing down: "Struggling to keep life under control." Represented by the effort in trying to hold on to the various aspects of your life, like a bucking horse. The fear of losing control and the reins at any given moment. Contrasting that, the hope in the last image on the page: "Diving into the promise of the new unknown..."

What about you? Which one of Liuzzi's wonderful drawings do you gravitate towards?

Why the universe is in motion.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Giving it a spin.
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Carousel - The horses dash into another ride.
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Struggling to keep life under control.
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Ego balloon.
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A helping hand.
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Universe claw machine.
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Shadow puppet show.
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Pirate's reach across the stars.
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Diving into the promise of the new unknown...
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