24 Jul 2023

Complex Fantasy Architecture Drawings

Architecture drawings, a little different from the ones we usually feature.

This is the work of Italian Concept Artist and Cartoonist Daniele Turturici. He says on his site:"Creating my world one drawing at a time." You can definitely see his progress on this page.

A lot of the detailing on the buildings, seem to be formed by spare parts. Definitely a society which recycles and upcycles for necessity or for the like of it.

All this, gives the structures quite and industrial look about them. That said, the feeling I get when looking at the scene populated by human and creatures, is one of warmth. A cosy feel which only comes when you love the place. When you consider your habitation a home and not a house.

As I said at the beginning, a bit of a twist on our usual architectural choice of artist. One I am veery glad to have found.

See what you think...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Hanging out with human and animal friends.
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Watering plants on the balcony.
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On the pier with my turtle.
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Riding on my giant frog.
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05-Reading my book-Architecture-Drawings-Daniele-Turturici-www-designstack-co
Reading my book on the roof.
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Taking in the views of the city.
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Little creatures come to visit.
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Spotting the golden fish.
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Hanging out on the terrace.
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Owner of the swamp house on stilts.
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Tiny house on a flying ship.
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