14 Aug 2023

Architecture Ink Drawings and Watercolor Paintings

A mixture of architectural ink drawings and watercolor paintings.

Ukraine Artist Maryna Kukharenko is the person responsible for this wonderful spread of art. Europe at the centre of the cities depicted throughout the page, show how beautiful these places really are.

The different mediums and techniques exalt a variety of aspects of the depiction, showing off the artist's impression of the scene.

The drawings and painting are not realistic, but more than enough to recognise if you have been there. Like the buildings in Paris France and the canal in Venice Italy.

A bike ride across Paris, or a gondola trip through the canals of Venice. A wonderful way of daydreaming yourself though the sights, and the beginning of your brand-new week.
Paris, France 1.
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Paris, France 2.
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Venice, Italy.
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Sketchbook Drawing.
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Wroclaw, Poland 2.
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Kyiv, Ukraine.
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Marker Sketch.
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Paris, France 3.
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Wroclaw, Poland 1.
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Paris, France 4.
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