23 Sept 2023

Fantasy and Whimsical Sketchbook Drawings

Fantasy and whimsical depictions, of sweet looking animals.

Rom is an Artist based in France. The work of the critters on this page is sometimes anthropomorphised and other times left in their original form. Either way, an element of fun is injected in all of them.

The bears are the most numerous on this page and the ones whom win my vote.

Amongst them, the one I can relate to the most, is the bear with the book and the hot drink. Swap to it a cold drink and a laptop instead of a book and you would have an almost Faithful representation of me. (One last swap. I am not a bear...)

Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend. DS

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
A cat and fish friendship.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
The bear farmer.
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Elaborate snail house.
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The dog and the dragonfly.
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Dog going incognito.
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A hot drink and captivating book.
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The snake and skull.
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The tooth fairy rat.
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Bear lunch is served.
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A relaxing bubble bath.
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