21 Sept 2023

Sakura Gelly Roll Ink Mandala Drawing

00-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Mandala and doodle art, making their way down this page. They were created with the stricking Sakura gelly roll ink pens.

Simran Savadia is an artist based in Australia. The following is written on her Instagram page: "Obsessed with all things mandala and zentangle."

There is so much I like about Savadia's work. The precise execution of the geometric shapes. The original design work, is the second factor which attracts my attention. The third and final one, is the colour combinations. I speak of the union between the black background of the paper and the vivid colours of the ink pens.

Abstract forms of art which play on our visual senses in such a perfect way. Have a look and see how they affect you...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Savadia's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
01-Stars-and-flowers-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Stars and flowers.
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02-Flowers-and-leafs-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Flowers and leafs.
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03-Cyan-geometry-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Cyan geometric shapes.
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04-Waves-of-shapes-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Waves of shapes.
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05-Layers-of-shapes-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Layers of shapes.
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06-Subtle-coloring-1-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Subtle coloring 1.
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07-Shapes-spreading-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Shapes spreading vertically.
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08-Subtle-coloring-2-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Subtle coloring 2.
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09-Semicircular-shape-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
Semicircular shape.
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10-A-collection-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
A collection of drawings.
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11-A-broken-heart-Mandala-and-Doodles-Simran Savadia-www-designstack-co
A broken heart painting.
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