26 Oct 2023

Animal Pencil Drawings and A WIP

Realistic looking animals, rebuilt with pencils to look like the real thing.

Self-taught German Artist Gastaus has an incredible attention for details.

Alongside popular critters, the ones less so. There are also some uncommon poses and scenes, compared with the ones usually adopted for animal portraits.

One of the drawings I find fascinating, is the one of the ladybird or ladybug. It's the way the shell like structure on its back opens up and the wings unfold to allow the tiny insect to become airborne. I remember seeing this process years ago in an animal documentary. The image below shows this process in mid transformation, ss if I press pause in the memory of the video playing in my head.

A WIP in the form of an eagle and an insect I think we have never shown here. A wasp and its nest. Anyhow...  Nature awaits you in the following pictures.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Duck visiting a frog friend.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Squirrel asking for four nuts.
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Snail and shell.
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A bird landing.
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Wolf howling.
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An eagle WIP.
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A wasp nest.
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Ladybug in flight.
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Big eyed frog.
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A little owl chick.
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