13 Oct 2023

Birds Drawings in Ink Pencils and Pastels

A wonderful representation of how birds have evolved into these amazing flying animals.

Laura Doudard clearly has a love for this avian species. Different colours, sizes and features expressed here.

These realistic views show their plumage in the best of lights.

I remember how, not so long ago, I motioned we didn't have posts exclusively about birds. Since then, we seem to have made up for that lacking aspect.  A click of the link above, will show just that.

The illustrations on this page are achieved using ink, pencils and pastel pencils.  Doudard really makes them work for her, to bring out the animals she depicts.
European Finch.
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Bluethroat Bird.
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African Grey.
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Big Eagle Owl.
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Red Tail Hawk.
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Red Speckled.
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Mountain Bluebird.
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Bateleur Eagle.
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European Goldfinch.
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