23 Oct 2023

Dense Futuristic Architecture Sketches

Architecture sketches of what might be a vision of the future.

Architect Igor Olszewski stretches his knowledge of architecture, to create these of a kind cities.

Structures stacked vertically and horizontally across air and land. The absence of any kind of greenery makes my lungs wince a bit. That said, I really like the proportions and the imposing feel they give out. A promise of the amazing views you might get from one of the top flats, is something which really fascinates me.

The first and the ninth drawings are my favourite. Features in both, give them a very appealing feeling. Definitely towns I would love to visit and spend some time in. A chance to explore all of the aspects in plain view and the hidden ones.

I hope you allow yourself to be transported within and experience all of the fascinating details of these fantasy urban layouts.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
The two towers.
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Floating buildings.
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Buildings with a long fall.
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Island city.
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Elevated buildings.
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Dense city.
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Dirigibles and the massive building.
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A piece carved out of the city.
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A city in layers.
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Flying across the thin city street.
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