16 Oct 2023

Fineliner Ink Architecture Drawings

9 ink and 1 watercolor Architectural views, beautifully captured with a fineliner and a paintbrush.

South Korean Artist Dan doesn't go for tourist attraction buildings. The architecture shown here, seems to be off the beaten track.

Wonderfully designed and detailed buildings, which showcase a very vintage and warm feel from the structures drawn.

Many of the roads come with paving or cobbled stone finishes, to add that extra amount of romanticism, to an already perfect picture.

I hope you take your time in a lovely peaceful stroll around these picturesque sights and you enjoy it as much as you do, the rest of your day.
A balcony with wooden shutters.
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Hotel Particulier Montmartre Paris, France.
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Lead windows building and watercolor painting.
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Han River.
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Cobblestone town.
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Whitechaple District in London.
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Ornate building with climbing plants.
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The old part of town.
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Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site.
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Cobblestone paving stone archway.
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