15 Dec 2023

Celebrities and More Multi Portrait Drawings

Nine images, but so many more portrait drawings to go through. These include celebrities.

Eska Urwen from Canada, is the artist whom created all of the portraits below.

Urwen started a self-assigned drawing challenge, to improve on her portrait skills. Many of the images are taken from famous Hollywood and Russian movie stars.

It's such a cool idea and it shows commitment to the skill she is trying to become proficient at.

I really like how she uses different colours to add layers and texture to the finished piece. It's nice to see celebrities I recognise, as you can assess how close they are to the image of the original wearer of the face. Many of them really are so close.

That said, portraits are not always about perfect reproduction rather, a depiction with a healthy amount of artistic licence. These have plenty of it in the form of shadows, texture and as mentioned above, different colours.

A very interesting post which separates itself from many of the other portraits we usually feature (in a good way).

Have fun going through all of these faces.
Portrait Design 1.
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Portrait Design 2.
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Portrait Design 3.
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Portrait Design 4.
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Portrait Design 5.
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Portrait Design 6.
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Portrait Design 7.
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Portrait Design 8.
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Portrait Design 9.
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