27 Jan 2024

Colourful Pencil Portrait Sketches

A collection of drawing studies completed with colour pencils.

The pictures on this page are the work of Artist Shiisso.

A very distinctive style sees this artist's contribution stand at nine human portrait drawings and one of a dog.

Shiisso uses lines in bands of colours in most of the sketches below. They are not realistic skin colours, but a choice which gives the depiction a fantasy like feel. Plus, it's an effect which does nothing to make them look any less human.

I like all of the images with my favourite being the last one. The happy smiling lady, will hopefully in print on your mind and set the tone for the rest of your day.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Drawing study 1.
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Drawing study 2.
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Chihuahua dog.
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Drawing study 3.
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Drawing study 4.
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Drawing study 5.
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Drawing study 6.
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The clown.
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Drawing study 7.
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Drawing study 8.
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A happy smiling face.
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