17 Jan 2024

Multi Medium Portrait Drawings

Portraits drawings using graphite pencil, charcoal, pastel and crayons.

As you can see above, Artist Yidan Guo uses many different mediums to create people's reproductions.

As well as the different mediums, the finishes every depiction sport, help see how sketches and semi realistic drawings both have their attributes.

Emotions are shown through interesting expressions. Looks which could mean so many distinct things. I have attempted to suggest meaning to the looks in the form of titles.

Do they speak something else to you? What title would you give them?
An intent look.
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Tiered after a long day.
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A profile with highlights.
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Cool hairdo and sunglasses.
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A pinpointed stare.
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Indecision in a nervous pose.
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A relaxed posed.
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The girl with a ponytail.
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Colours in a sitting position.
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A look which suggests knowledge.
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