12 Feb 2024

Charcoal Pencil and Ink Architecture Drawings

An array of different mediums, bring together the architecture on this page. Charcoal, pencil and ink, are the main characters.

Krystian Wozniak is the Artist whom reproduced thees architectural likenesses. Impressive buildings and their surroundings. Some noted points of interest. Others, more obscure, but no less beautiful.

The choice of medium has an effect on the style of the depiction. The charcoal ones have this soft and slightly out of focus view. Something leaning towards a fantasy dream. The pen makes the lines and therefore detailing, look more crisp and neat. The pencil in graphite, gives an intermediate stage, from the two above. Lastly, the coloured pencil gives the final image, a delicate vintage look.

Enjoy your urban travels through this page and the picturesque towns and cities you are about to walk into.
Victorian Railway.
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Polish Villa , Milanowek.
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Siena Cathedral.
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Skrova - Lofoten, Norway.
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Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow.
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Torun Street.
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Torun - St. Jacob'S Church.
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Skrova - Harbour Reflection.
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Budapest Market Hall.
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Lofoten - Local Architecture, Skrova.
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