2 Mar 2024

Drawings of Black Cats and Friends

Black cats accompanied by other little creatures.

Sara Szewczyk drew all of the illustrations contained on this page.

The critters are mostly housed in glass bottles. Some representing potions or essences and other, various scenes of cats in all sorts of fantastic behaviours.

I think the bottles which are not labelled, serve as a portal to magical lands. Here we get a view of cats in their environment - Or they could be dreams - or memories of things you would want to happen - or have in fact taken place.

A post which if viewed correctly (relax and leave your imagination to run freely), will feel like time is slowing down. It will leave you with a peaceful serenity, in both heart and mind.

In the hope you are able to experience this, I will leave you to it and see you tomorrow...

Ps. I gave some of the images, titles.

For more of Szewczyk's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Playfulness potion.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Witch potion.
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cat and flowers.
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Happiness potion.
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Playing with purple fireballs.
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Cat Playing with fish.
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Purr joy.
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The cat chef.
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Essence of juniper.
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The cat staring at the mushroom.
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Dream essence.
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